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This happens with the default basis theme, when clicking between primary menu links the menu elements flicker. I've narrowed it down to line 145 in header.css ..

@media (min-width: 34em) {
  .l-header .block-system-main-menu {


.l-header .menu,
.l-header .menu li {


By deleting that css the flicker is worse, switching quickly between the pages loads a bullet version of the menu!


It's the same bug thanks. Tried the work arounds, not worked - been a while too since the bug was reported.

richa78, I've submitted a PR that (in my testing), removes this issue. Can you give that a try? It's linked in that issue mentioned above.

Thanks argiepiano, still seeing the flicker on your site. It happens when clicking between the level 1 links, page in top level and about, can see the height increases momentarily. I've looked at what appears and it's a copy of the level 1 menu links with a bullet, like it's reverting to some other css!