In the Drupal 7 database there is a table  "System", through which installed and active modules can be deactivated through phpMyAdmin.

Is it possible to do this with Backdrop or how to disable modules without access to the Administration menu (for example, a new buggy module that breaks the site or prevent login)?

More specifically, I tried to install Rules in the latest version of Backdrop and this broke the site without any possibility of entering the site. I had to restore from a backup, but I lost a lot of work already done after the last backup.


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Backdrop has the same system table as Drupal, it is essentially unchanged. You can disable a module, theme, or layout by updating the system table in the same way you did in Drupal: change the value in the STATUS column from 1 to 0.

I'm sorry to hear about your trouble with the Rules module. I hope you have reported the issue in the Issue Queue.

I ran into a similar problem today with the Registration module. Installing it broke my site and I was unable to disable it except through PHPMyAdmin (I modified my Lando file to include PHPMyAdmin with my local Lando site). 

Once I had PHPMyAdmin working, I found the Registration Module and it's submodules and disabled them as mentioned above - changed the status field from "1" to "0".

That wasn't enough, I had to manually clear the cache tables as well. 

I had to make sure all the cache tables were empty before my site would work again. 

I reported the problem in the issue queue for the Registration module.