I'm a big fan of the module Views_data_export and I'm very frustrated by experiencing that it totally didn't work in Drupal 9 and 10 (if it even gets accepted in Drupal 10, many of similar CSV export modules don't)

I created a nice database of books for a library in Drupal 7, now 7 years ago.It took some study on Feeds to import all the books (4500), but it went great.

And as a much peace-giving thought, there was also Views Data Export to generate a copy of the (ever growing) database in CSV-format, so the circle was round. That's also what made the import of the books in the new Drupal 9 website a breeze...

But when it came to Views Data Export, the desillusion was big: nothing seems to work (it generates at best a mention: "The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later''. Same story for alternatives as Content_export_csv and entity_content_export.

(The first two don't work, the third is not accepted in Drupal 10; I tried everything)

As I'm not trusting a drupal 'upgrade' system that is not capable to save such an important database, I can't rely on Drupal anymore (when it becomes necessary to migrate from D7, although it works fine now)


So my question is: does export in CSV format (with Views Data Export or equivalent) WORKS in BACKDROP?


Thanks for some


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As @Irina Zaks already mentioned in the previous comment thread, we do have a working version of Views Data Export module module for Backdrop CMS. 

I use this module on several Backdrop websites that need to move data around, and/or analyze it in spreadsheets, and so far it's been working great for me.

Works 100% for me, too. Have you tried batching the exports (Data export settings: Export data in small segments to build a complete export. Recommended for large exports sets (1000+ rows) )?