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I'm testing an upgrade from a small Drupal 7 site that uses Entity Translation. The translations don't show up automatically after upgrade (as is to be expected; I'll need to develop an export/import strategy of some kind to get these over to Backdrop's Content Translation format). However, the current issue is that I can't see translation links on the upgraded site.

Here's the translation tab on a fresh install (with Locale, Content Translation modules enabled and activated for this content type):

And here's what I'm seeing on the upgraded site:

Any ideas why or where to look? I don't see anything in the log. I've checked the settings for Language detection and selection (and had to adjust the URL settings, which didn't seem to be set correctly), cleared caches, and even deleted the second language and re-added it again. The translate buttons are missing on all content types despite the fact that Multilingual (with translation) is selected on the content type publishing options, and no matter if they are upgraded content types, default Backdrop content types, or newly created content types on the upgraded site.


I've tracked down the issue but I'm not sure how or why it came about.

The config file translation.settings.json looks like this on a fresh installation:

    "_config_name": "translation.settings",
    "language_type": "language"

...but it looks like this on the upgraded site:

    "_config_name": "translation.settings",
    "language_type": "language_content"

When I remove the extraneous _content and save the config file, the buttons show up.

Cross-posting in the Github issue queue.

I wonder how much effort it would be to port entity translation. It might rely on i18n which would make it quite hard. Though I'm not sure.