I'm setting up a new website, and I'm seeing a strange thing on the comment reply page where the Comment Body field is being duplicated.

On the Node page with the comments below the node content, this field is printed once (as expected). Seeing as both the reply page and the node use the same comment.tpl.php template I find this quite odd, and suspect it could be happening because the module has a coding error.

Here's the resulting code for my page (url: /comment/reply/3/4)

<article class="comment comment-by-anonymous clearfix">

  <h3><a href="/comment/4#comment-4" class="permalink" rel="bookmark">Test comment</a></h3>
    <p class="submitted">August 8 2020 by <span class="username">Test (not verified)</span></p>
    <a href="/comment/4#comment-4" class="permalink" rel="bookmark">Permalink</a>

  <div class="content">
    <div class="field field-name-comment-body field-type-text-long field-label-above">
      <div class="field-label">Comment:</div>
      <div class="field-items">
        <div class="field-item even"><p>Test comment</p></div>
        <div class="field-item odd"><p>Test comment</p></div>

  <ul class="links inline">
    <li class="comment-reply odd first last active"><a href="/comment/reply/3/4" class="active">reply</a></li>


As you can see it's the same field, but is being printed twice, hence the two field-item divs.

Has anyone else experienced this issue in either Backdrop or Drupal?


This sounds vaguely familiar, as if I have experienced the problem or seen it reported before. I did a quick search of github and did not find an existing issue. 

I will try to reproduce the problem. Are you using the most recent version of Backdrop CMS?


Yes, I'm using version 1.16.2. I did have Comment Notify installed but disabled the module to see if that was causing the problem. I don't know if the installation of that module has caused the issue?