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Hi guys, I created a view and put it in the account menu, the problem is that I added a search criteria and when using it I get an error 403

PD: this error appears in the account menu and not in a normal menu



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Hey ,

Does it work if you remove the access restrictions? (i.e. allow all roles temporarily) ...if that does work, then it must be a roles/permissions issue.

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I'm not sure, but does putting the URL under `/user/%` automatically inherit the 'View user profiles' permission...?

In other words, do you have the 'View user profiles' permissions, and if not, does adding that permission give access then?

Also, you mentioned the search filter. Do you have the same problem if you remove the 'required' status from the filter and then leave it blank?

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Hi, I tried it both ways and follow the problem.
Also the search filter gives some errors.

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I see the same thing happens to the forum