Hello everyone,

I need to figure out a way to use Backdrop website to create a system for registering events and registering visitors for them.

Tickets for the events will not be sold online. The system should only register those registered for a given event and allow communication with them via e-mail and telephone.

The event itself should have a separate page with standard configurable fields - title, description, date, graphic banner.

I would be very grateful for ideas on existing modules, or a combination of them, that can help with this goal.


When you say "and allow communication with them via email and telephone" what do you mean?

I'm wondering whether webform is the best solution for them to sign up if keeping it simple, though if you are expecting the system to facilitate the calls more than just a 'tel' link then you may be thinking something more elaborate.

Webform and it's related modules could help you here if it is fairly simple. 

Perhaps Views Send could help with emails though I'm not sure if the issues on it are blockers.

We use the "Registration" module for Backdrop LIVE. 


I think that this might meet your use case. You can register on the Backdrop CMS site for an event. Emails can be sent to everyone that has registered. 

You can make any custom entity into a registration form, so it's quite flexible. This was ported from Drupal, I think, so you should be able to find some documentation.

It looks like I made a video for this module.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kM39qj7mPYQ

It's been a while, so I don't remember how much I cover. 

Many thanks for the advice and quick response! I will give it a try and if I get a good result I will share my experience here.

In the meantime, it occurred to me that such a system can be used for another purpose, which clients often ask me - to reserve an appointment with a specialist. Namely - to define the reserved hours as events.

I have experience with both webforms and calendars with events via views and I think I'll be able to do something really useful.

Once again, I am convinced that Backdrop is a system with incredible capabilities and a promising future.

Be healthy and good luck!

In terms of reserving timeslots for a specialist you might also want to look at Resource Timeslots.

Many thanks! I didn't know about this module (Resource Timeslots), but it seems exactly designed for this purpose. Excellent.