I'm starting to regret my decision on taking up backdrop... looks like an uphill battle.

Let's say that user wants to save his profile.

- if I delete both passwords, system complains about 'no password set, or wrong password'. Same with both passwords present.

- if I delete any of the passwords and leave the other one - same situation

- if I set autocomplete off for password inputs it solves problem in admin, but does nothing for authenticated user (probably form is constructed differently)

- and for the life of me I can't find a way to edit separately basic user profile (email, password) and profiles added with profile module.


Having not used profile module it makes me wonder if it's an error with that. Do you get the same errors if profile is disabled? I haven't noticed the errors before so I think that's a good place to start.

Also can you add URLs and screenshots so we know where this is happening?

Also, test it with logintoboggan disabled. Maybe there's an issue there.

Looks like I've solved it by setting autocomplete = off;

But I think that field labels are misleading:

"Required if you want to change the Adres e-mail or Hasło below." - this is first password field

"Current password must be entered to set a new password." - this is the second one

Shouldn't second field have description along the lines of "Enter new password, if You want to set one"?

I'm 100% sure, that users will have problem with this. Of course I can change it in my installation, but anyway.