I would like for someone to explain "with examples" how to use or set metatag tokens.

Basically, what I am trying to accomplish is setting up the meta tags so search engines will find the keywords from each article posted.

This will need to be simple enough so various writers and editors that have NO knowledge of programing or web design, can simply enter in certain keywords that will relate to the article they are posting.

Some of the editors will be familiar with inserting keywords for an article, but not how to insert any code or tokens.




Are you referring to the metatag functionality provided by SEO Meta Tag module? I'm not very familiar with that module, but I see it's based on Drupal's 7 Meta Tag module.

Perhaps this video (made for Drupal 7) may help? Note: most of the D7 Token module (a dependency of D7 Meta Tag)  is now in core.

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argiepiano, the module you mentioned is not based on the D7 Metatag module, which has now been ported to the Backdrop CMS.

SEO Meta Tag is a simplified approach that allows you to do the same things without the bells and whistles. Only the "page title" is automated, no tokens are used at all.

I am not sure I understand the request 100% and have limited experience with this module. However, I think it safe to say that the primary use of Metatag tokens would be to automate the create of metatag data. Tokens allow you to generate metatag data automatically using data already available.

If you have site users or editors adding keywords, I don't think that they would want to or need to use tokens. They could add those keywords directly into the metatag field without the need for tokens. 

Are you really asking for help with Metatag tokens or are you just looking for help on how a site editor should properly enter keywords?