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I tried to update my backdrop 1.12.6 to 1.13.1 from the backend but I encountered error recorded in the log message:


LOCATION: https://  mydomain/admin/update/ready


UpdaterException: The info file (<em class="placeholder">temporary://update-extraction-7a226124/backdrop/core/profiles/testing/modules/backdrop_system_listing_compatible_test/</em>) does not define a 'type' attribute. in Updater::getProjectType() (line 199 of /mydomain/core/includes/

Any idea how to resolve this ?


I think this bug got fixed. But it'll mean you'll have to upgrade manually from 1.12.6 and future versions upgrades should work.

I'm not 100% sure about the bug fix.

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Yes, I initially though that this was meant to have been fixed in, but that issue was to solve such errors with profile .info files.

@simone960 can you please confirm that the .info files in the profiles under /core/profiles have a type = profile line?

From the error message, I see that this is complaining about missing type in the .info file of tests. This was also meant to have been fixed in

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Thanks @klonos for looking into it. Looks like it's a bug to be fixed. I have to wait for the next release then.