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During the weekly dev meeting today, we brainstormed feature ideas and issues to potentially focus on for the 1.18 milestone. The idea was to see what feature ideas or UX improvements that people are most excited about. To be included in the 1.18 milestone, a new feature or improvement will need someone to advocate for it

Here are some of the ideas we discussed. We'd love for you to:

  1. Comment on which of these ideas that you would most like to see in version 1.18.
  2. Suggest additional ideas.
  3. Think about which of these issues you would like to advocate for.

Here is a list of what we talked about:

General interest:

High usage contrib projects:





Security improvements

Missing D7 features



Which ideas/features/improvements get into 1.18 will depend upon a combination of which ones generate the most interest AND find a person willing to advocate for them during the release cycle AND find people willing to write the code and test the pull requests. Your input is needed now!


I like the idea of having something like Backup and Migrate in core. It could be a scaled down version of the module. 

I'd love to see the reference module in core. But, that seems like a much bigger project that I'm not sure I can contribute to.

I'm also a big fan of getting accordion blocks into core. In specific, because I think they would be really beneficial on the dashboard page. It would be great if people could reduce the footprint of some blocks without removing them completely. 

EDIT (10/11/20): Adding this to my list of favorites:

Add a help text indicator & tooltip for placing next to things that may be confusing

I like all the suggestions, I think Field group functionality in core is extremely reasonable - I've always wondered why such useful functionality is not among the standard tools for working with fields.

There is something I do manually for all my sites by adding new links to the Administration menu for the most commonly used administrative tools. I enclose a screenshot from one such modified Administration menu.

Administration menu with custom shortcuts

But it would be useful to have the Favorites article in the Administration menu and the possibility to add any desired administrative page to the Favorites, applied by selecting a check-mark on the administrative page. This saves a lot of time in the daily work of site administration.

In addition, I make such custom items in the Administration menu to facilitate the work of users - without giving access to all items in the Administration menu - which only confuses them and they do not need, I give them only individual tasks that they can do on a comfortable place. Something like User menu, but not in a separate block but in the Administration bar itself.

In short, I suggest that the Administration bar has standard Favorites and User menu items and the ability to easily add and remove selected administrative pages there, through options on the administrative pages themselves.

This is a nice idea. Like D7 Shortcuts module but in the Admin Bar. 

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Thank you Tim for opening the discussion... here are my favored points, sorted by priority

  • Provide "Delimited" and "HTML list" display formatters for fields
  • Better Taxonomy permissions
  • Advanced Drupal Caching (a.k.a. cache tags and cache max-age)
  • Consider adding backup_migrate to core
  • Field group functionality in core
  • Add reference(s) module to core
  • Add a site architecture report
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@indigoxela I plan to advocate for (and also work on) the "Merge all update pages" issue for this cycle 😉

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Well, being late to the party! Here are my favorites:

  • All three core candidates (Backup and Migrate, Field Group, Reference)
  • Merge the update pages (and plan Automatic updates for 1.19)
  • Node title display settings on manage display page a.k.a. pseudo-fields
  • Date format tokens
  • Better taxonomy permissions
  • Dismissible blocks
  • Exposed filter for the image library