Idea for new feature.  Make a simplistic Views module.  Views has always seemed so complicated that I rarely use it, or resort to copying existing views, because of not understanding of how they are put together.  Most that I try are still broken, and do not do what I wanted, no matter how many times they have been "tweaked".

Some queries seem very simple, and I can define them in very easy terms when dealing directly with database tables.  But trying to figure out which views fields to use, and which content types or terms from which table, makes this process so difficult that even people who are very familiar with views struggle with creating specific views.

What I envision is to be able to write or speak a simple request, in language I'm familiar with, to something like ChatGPT.  So a sample request would be:

Chat:  write a query for use in phpmy admin table menu_links that will show only rows where menu_name is navigation and module is system

Chat: select the fields alt and title and image if fossil term = ammonite and type=image

Chat: Print all images in a grid 4 images wide where fossil = archimedes sort by newest

There are almost 200 different tables, and thousands of fields, many with similar names.  Most of my queries would actually involve only a few of the fields that I've input myself, from a minimal number of tables, and could be stored in a "frequently used fields" location.  So if I mention print image where fossil taxonomy type = ammonite, ChatAI "knows" that I'm probably referring to a very small subset of the entire range of fields.

If critical pieces are missing, have the chat ask for more: What size image should be displayed?  Choose from these available sizes:

Views is so complicated that many times I resort to going directly to the database table and doing a simple query to get the rows needed.

Basically a simplified version of Views, with only the fields and tables the user is likely to use most.


Perhaps you just need to study and understand Views a little. In fact, Views are simple; you can create a block or page with the necessary information in a minute. For simple queries, Views are already quite simple and there is no way to simplify them. From the point of view of site building, Views, this is a truly ingenious solution. I applaud whoever made it happen. What I love about Drupal is Entities, Fields and Views.