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Please use this topic to suggest agenda items for our weekly meetings.

This week we will be having an Outreach meeting followed by a the weekly Dev meeting.  

For more information about our weekly meetings: https://backdropcms.org/news/meetings


During the DEV meeting we need to discuss the location of the telemetry policy. We had planned to put it on the privacy page, https://backdropcms.org/privacy,

but it's a little unclear to me if that page needs formal approval to be edited.

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Suggestion for the DEV meeting:

Work continues to consolidate the file access functions,  that's issue #5480.

But we'd like to get some feedback from core committers regarding the direction.

  • There's some guessing, why function file_access has an optional $file param (node has not) - should it be optional? Or a string or object, but not NULL?
  • If it should be optional, how detailed should possible checks be? Some permissions do require a File entity in place, some do not. Or does checking without actual $file make things too complicated/bloated?
  • Is the overall direction of the PR OK? Currently we strive to make File::access the main function, file_access a wrapper and file_file_access to fully cover all operations in the hook.

The PR has some question comments, too.

There is a new issue about support for connecting to non MySQL databases (not as primary database) that might need some input from the dev meeting (or maybe not). 

Support for non MySQL databases - flagging it here as a possible topic of discussion.

It seems that at a minimum, we may need to update our documentation. 

Here is a related discussion in the forum: https://forum.backdropcms.org/forum/non-mysql-databases