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Please use this topic to suggest agenda items for our weekly meetings.

This week we will be having a Design and User Experience meeting, followed by the Developer meeting. 

See more information about our weekly meetings.


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For the Dev meeting: I'm looking for ideas to jazz up the blog post for Release 1.24.  I've outlined it based on the "release paragraph" fields of the included issues on the release page, and I've been reading through the issues to try to get a flavor for the significance of the changes, but I could use some help with understanding the impact of the changes.

Also: ideas for screencaps or images that could illustrate some of them would be great!


Here's my first attempt at a categorization:

Enhancements to site-building experience

  • Add a views field handler for project properties from the database. #5820
  • Add a "Back to site" button into the Admin Bar. #2709
  • Add an instant search filter to the permissions page. #980

Enhancements to authoring experience

  • Add descriptions for user roles. #5748

Enhancements to deployment experience

  • Add a configuration option for database log message length. #5553
  • Add "Rebuild search index" process to replace "Invalidate search index". #4182

Changes for programmers (Developer experience)

  • Make File::access consistent with other entity classes. #5480