One of the new features in Backdrop v. 1.13.0 was the new admin dashboard. The dashboard will be pretty obvious to users who launched a new site with this version of Backdrop. Folks that upgraded from older versions of Backdrop CMS will need to enable the Dashboard module to see it in action. 

We'd love your feedback on the Dashboard.

How is it working for you?
What would you like to see added to the Dashboard? 


Dashboard Plus!

I have created a new project for a module called Dashboard Plus. The idea behind this module is to test additional blocks/features that are not yet ready for Backdrop Core.

The only additional block in it so far is a block with some hard-coded links to BackdropCMS site and github repos. We will create an actual release of this module, once we have at least one more block included. 

If you have ideas, let us know. If you have time to create a block, we have ideas in the issue queue. We welcome pull requests and will respond quickly. 

It's been over a years since we released the Dashboard in Backdrop CMS version 1.13. Since then, we have added a welcome block and Backdrop CMS notifications to the Dashboard. 

We'd love feedback on how the Dashboard is working for you and how we might improve it. We are two weeks from code freeze on Backdrop CMS 1.17 and we still have time to make make changes in the upcoming version of Backdrop CMS. 

What do you think of the dashboard?

How can we make it better?