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There was a previous question - "when importing taxonomy terms, can one use the Taxonomy Name, or must it be the Taxonomy ID". The question about feeds was answered, but not if a Term Name can be used for mapping.

[I have around 4 000 products to be imported with over 100 individual terms for faceted searches. It will be easier to clean up the data using the taxonomy name.  If I can map on the Term Name, it will save a step converting the name to a TID.]


You should be able to use the term name (and I think create them in the fly if they don't already exist).

Thank you, I installed it on a test site, and it looks like one can import taxonomies by name, Term ID and GUID.

I am still struggling with a checkbox field where multiple items should be ticked. It didn't like a comma, and multiple columns overwrite each other.  I'll report back if I find a solution!


Feeds Tamper Module allows not only multi-select fields, it also has many other options like search-and-replace, and concatenated and exploded fields. It looks like a very useful module if you are moving large volumes of content!