we are looking into migrating D7 to Backdrop, and all our website have either field collections or paragraphs. What is best approach to help with development of either of these modules to Backdrop?


Welcome Irina!

Paragraphs has an active version available:

Help with developing Paragraphs would be welcome in that repository and issue queue!

Field collection has not been ported, to my knowledge. It could either be ported for Backdrop, or allow data to be converted. For example there was some early discussion of a way to upgrade from D7 Field Collection to Backdrop Paragraphs (but I don't think that ever got off the ground in a public way).

Another possibility mentioned in that thread is to convert to Multifield (which is already ported to Backdrop). In that case you could maybe use this module prior to upgrading to Backdrop:

Hello Irina,

We do have an active release of Paragraphs already, and I expect to make a new release shortly to merge a PR for this issue:

I would love if you could test out Paragraphs on any test/dev sites or upgrades you're working on.

I have some longer-term vision for Paragraphs as well, and would be happy to discuss.

Basically, however you are interested in contributing would be welcome!

I'll send this to your email address as well to open a conversation there.