I've installed module Field Permissions and it works great. I've set one of my image fields to Private (only author and administrators can edit and view). 300 or so nodes have their image visible only to the administrator (me).

Now, I want to be able to selectively over-ride the privacy for particular nodes. So that some nodes have a public image and some do not. I think the Field Permissions module does not deliver that possibility.

Is there a way?



Hi JDSaward and thanks for the question. There doesn't seem to be a module for this. A very similar question was asked about Drupal 7 here. The answer with most votes seems to be workable, though a bit complicated, and not my preferred way.

Personally I'd go the route of creating a custom module that implements hook_node_view() and unsets the field for that image field from the render array if a flag/boolean field is set to TRUE. This is not a trivial task, especially if you are thinking of hiding that field in specific nodes AND only for specific users... but there is always a way :)

Good luck!


Thank you argiepiano. I had to put it aside for a bit, but when I return to it I will most likely write code to manage the situation. Thanks for the pointers.

To add to my answer - Conditional Fields may also come handy - you can hide a field based on the value of another field