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I've taken over work on a Backdrop site and several issues are apparent that I think may be caused by the way files have been copied between dev and host.  Essentially the active config has been git versioned and copied over without any sync operation taking place.  Config changes have taken place on both dev and prod.  I'm trying to pick my way through what's happened and get everything working again

Are there any tried and tested approaches to getting things back on track without losing lots of work?


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That sounds like a mess. Is the site broken? Or is only the config out of sync?

I'm not sure if there's an easy way to combine (unknown) changes, when they happened on both sides. Guessing that you might at least lose the changes done on production directly - or did they git-commit-push after that on both sides?

In that case the git log might provide some important info. But it might still be tricky to figure out what should be in and what shouldn't.

Hi @indigoxela - Mostly the site works, but there is an issue with search indexing on production that I don't get on local.  git-commit-push has been done on both sides.

I'm attempting to do a config import but think it will need some manual tweaking, possibly enabling modules that aren't needed so the import works.

I was hoping that maybe someone had had a similar situation but doesn't seem like it.