I have posted a question a few days ago and nobody responded to it.
So it looks like this forum is not monitored at all.
It gives me the feeling that Backdrop is not really maintained/used ...

Maybe time for me to look at other players...



I did see one response to your menu question, although I realize you are in need of more info.  I am not a Backdrop programmer, but I know this forum is relatively new.  I have received thoughtful comments to my questions on the forum after a few days.

Backdrop is certainly a small player in the overall picture. There are many other choices.  However, for my purposes it fits well.  I spent the entire summer getting a Drupal 8 site up and running, just to have it completely broken by an upgrade.  By and large the other choices have various good possibilities, but almost always have commercial doors to the high-end modules.

The Backdrop approach matches my philosophical view, and I very much hope it is successful. 

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Hello @, and welcome to the Backdrop Forum! 

We do believe this forum is alive and well, though as mentioned, it is still quite new. How fast you get a reply will depend on how many other people are on at the time, if the topic you raised is something others have had experience with.