In trying to upgrade from D7 to Backdrop, I wanted to preserve forum. Noticed there's a Forum module; so I put this in modules folder. Didn't follow advice about uninstalling Forum from D7, as I figured this would delete all the content.

Now, after "upgrading" to Backdrop, I find the link to Forums leads to page reporting there are no Forum posts. No listing of Forum topics, either.

But, in taxonomy, I can see the Forums vocabulary from before; the terms are there too. So also the content, with links to this appearing in a module that automatically links to a few Forum posts. Been looking to see if I can restructure the taxonomy, so the terms are switched to a new Forum I've made. But I can't see how to do this.

While trying to make a Forum container, I get this error message:

Argument 3 passed to taxonomy_overview_terms() must be an instance of TaxonomyVocabulary, boolean given, called in /usr/www/users/hkout/backdrop/modules/forum/ on line 292

Likewise, there's an error in trying to list Forum containers, via Structure [Control forum hierarchy settings.]



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It is altogether simpler and increasingly down to earth to move to Drupal 8 out of 2018 than it was in 2015... A significant number of the best modules have gotten consolidated into Drupal Core, still others have been obsoleted by new and better methods for getting things done.

Wow; thanks. I hadn't looked at move to Drupal 8 for some time; had looked v scary, and D8 moved onwards and "upwards" so for enterprises, not folks like me. But after hassle like this experience - and Forum is not such a minor module I think - I had a quick look at moving to Drupal 8 again, and it did appear a lot easier now. I will likely give this a try.

This question is specific enough to the forum module that you might be better off posting your problem in the issue queue for that module:✓&q=is%3Aissue

Feel free to post your question or comment in the issue queue and then drop by our chat channel and post a link/comment in Gitter to make sure someone looks at your question.

Thanks; I did post on github, but maybe in wrong place. Don't find github too user friendly; I had tried searching for forum module issues, and first was taken to discussion about this forum. I'll post at the link you suggested.