Hi, I'm making a site in backdrop for a local italian art communiti.

Link is this

Using a child custom theme of bootstrap lite, 

latest backdrop version, migrated from drupal7

Problem is, while in administrator user, or editor, while i get the "gear" icon to edit blocks and views from the front-end , I don't get it for nodes (main content). 

Not a big problem for me, but mostly for the site mantainer

Have another site made with backdrop, same server, version 1.13, it gets his edit tab, no issues.

I tried to switch to basis and few other themes, they all present this issue.

Can anybody help?


Have you tried spinning up a default Backdrop site to see if you get this out of the box?


Is it possible that is coming from a contrib module or some custom configuration.

Yes, You get the little gear icon to modify any content out of the box, so I wonder what's wrong with my installations, but I solved anyway by adding a block. Maybe cause my vps is using nginx, bah

Actually, I solved, as most things, sleeping it overnight.

For those who might have the same problem, the solution was simply adding a page-tabs (Local Task) block before the Main Content Block in the wanted Layout.

Before finding this easy solution, I though about making a views block getting using a custom text field , extracting the nid of the node and adding the /edit suffix , but luckily I didn't need to do that.

Very easy, but a bit counter-intuitive coming from Drupal

I really like Backdrop,  specially the layouts, and the possibility to arrange the node fields around just using layout and blocks, without involving views and convoluted tricks.

But sometimes I get really lost about easy things.