The content of front page is invisible - does not display after update.

When going to 'edit' all is there.

This is really a serious problem. Should I downgrade / go back to backup from yesterday?


Any errors in the log? Have you tried clearing caches?

Try downgrading. In the meantime, what are you using for your home page? A view? the Home layout? A node?

Thank you for the quick response

The problem was, that upgrade disabled the content of the blocks on the front page. Now enabled and all is fine.

But why???????

I use layout-node for overriding some backdrop problems. Wanted a custom front page.

Total spitball, but are you saying that custom blocks got disabled? That sounds like it could be related to the new ability to disable blocks rather than removing them.

Or are you saying nodes were unpublished?

That's strange. Would you mind providing more details about how the home page was set up? If this is a bug with 1.22.0 it'd be great to try to fix it, but it'd be crucial to be able to reproduce the problem.

The blocks in the layout/template were de-activated. They are not 'custom' but I use 'layout-node' module for the front page. All other pages are fine. 

The site is:

No error.log

There should be at least a warning about this in the update instructions/notes.

I don't think the update intended to disable those. It's probably a bug or a regression. Would you be willing to open an issue in the Backdrop queue with detailed information on how to reproduce?

Using core I was not able to recreate the issue. There may be some bug with Layout Node module.

I installed a fresh 1.21.4 site, added a custom block to the home layout. Then upgraded to 1.22.0. My custom block was still visible. So seems to work fine with core. I suggest adding an issue to the Layout Node module project.