ii am interested in using the Gallery Tyler module but don't know how to use it .. is there full documentation on the subject?

Thank you


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but don't know how to use it

The Gallery Tiler provides a field formatter for image fields. So your steps are:

  1. Create an image field with multiple values (or use an existing)
  2. Set the display of that field to "Tiled gallery"
  3. Configure as you like

Does that help?

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whatever i fullfill gallery type with exactly same outcome

Hm... what exactly do you get? Mind to provide a screenshot?

Are you using a custom theme? How many images do you have in your node's field?

Could you also provide a screenshot from /admin/structure/types/manage/YOUR-CONTENT-TYPE/display/default? If it's the default display you're using. And can you make sure that the display fits the type you configured to use "Tiled gallery"?

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Oh, I don't need the field settings, but the display settings.

Again: you find them on /admin/structure/types/manage/YOUR-CONTENT-TYPE/display/default ("default" only, if that's the display mode you're using).

I'm pretty sure, you use a custom theme. ;-)

If none of the questions I posted in my previous comment helps you to get an idea, what's messed, then please check your CSS in your browser's developer tools for the code that's overriding the module's CSS.

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Oh, almost forgot, I have another question: which browser are you using? And is it up-to-date? ... That's just in case... ;-)

yes up to date try with firefox and chromium same results ..

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To figure out, if it's your custom theme, you could (temporarily) switch the theme to, for instance, Basis. If the gallery looks fine with Basis, then your own theme messes the gallery display.

The theme always has the final say regarding CSS. You have to make sure to not override module styles that you don't want to change.

These test have already be done :

The theme is bartik base and all changes are managed with Css injector module : i have deactivate all rules  and same effect; i have tried with the basis theme same effect ... 

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So... running out of ideas, you have to figure out on your own, I guess. ;-)

 Yes me too for the photo management with backdrop .. it was in the context of drupal 7 site that manage pictures of end-user; Olafski tried also to help me but i think that this kind of usage backdrop is not the solution, for now .. exif module is also very limited .. and other things ..

Other solutions, not based on image management work well with Backdrop and I was able to convert drupal 9 sites to Backdrop  with success (https://jukebox-videos-livres.clarus-mons.net/ by exemple) but for photos it's not really that .. Anyway thank you for your help.


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Hi philippeg,

the thing is: you can't provide any steps to reproduce your problem.

As long as we don't know what's broken with your setup, we can't help to fix it. ;-)

Sure, if you can't do it with Backdrop, use something else.

yeah but it is not only with gallery tyler, if Gallery Tyler worked for me , it does not solved all my problems to find a replacement solution; on Gallery Tyler, it was a very simple test, i gave you all  you asked for ..

"As long as we don't know what's broken with your setup, we can't help to fix it. " sure same for me if i have know what has broked the setup i did not asked for help.

Nethertheless thanks for your help.



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Hi philippeg,

I already got that you discarded Backdrop for this project, anyway.

However, if you were interested in this module, I'd suggest that you set up a vanilla site with only that module and use it as formatter for a multi-value field.

And if you decide to use it, you then can compare to your broken site and figure out, what's different - hence what breaks it.

I'm unable to know, how you set up your site, and I already recommended everything that came to my mind for possible debugging. But with the information I have, I can't help more than that.


Yes understood

Thank you for your help.