Doing some theming here...

I've noticed that the color module functionality is...

  • You can select your pre-configured scheme(s) in the drop-down, as laid out in the theme's file.
  • Once there in the UI, any changes to any of the individual colors instantiates a "Custom" scheme, and the dropdown selector reflects that fact. so far, so good.

The problem is this: Once you change one of your custom colors, you can never go back to the custom scheme you had once set up, even though that scheme continues to persist, as long as you don't click 'Save' in the UI. I've tried clearing all caches, to no avail. Someone please let me know if I'm wrong on that.

This could be solved in one of two ways that I can anticipate, either

  1. Provide a 'Current Scheme' (or maybe, 'Revert') button in the dropdown, which would cancel your pending unsaved custom colors by reverting to what the theme is currently using.
  2. Provide a means for the user to save his current custom scheme as a named scheme which would then show up in the dropdown list.

So I am soliciting tips on how I might most easily implement either of the above functionalities. I'd rather not have to build a "Save Your Colors" module. (Does that already exist?)