2 of my sites on one.com are no longer working.
I'm getting: "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 503 ()".
Both have version 1.20.0 (latest version, updated in Aug 2021 and it was running fine since then) and the backend is set to use PHP 7.4.
Also PHP error messages are set to "on", but I'm not getting any additional error messages.

I've involved support of one.com and they're currently looking into it.
I was wondering if anyone else is also experiencing issues on one.com?
Or if someone has a clue about the root cause (my local copy of the website is running fine on my pc)...




I don't have any answers for you, but I have some questions that might help us help you troubleshoot the problem. 

1) Do you have other Backdrop sites running 1.20.0 on your server that are working correctly?

2) Did the problem happen immediately after you upgraded to 1.20?

1. I only have 2 sites running on one.com, both having issues now.

2. It was running perfectly well after doing the last update in August. No other updates were done in the meantime. 1 site even runs an almost out-of-the-box implementation of backdropcms. 

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Hi jgeert1,

I don't know one.com, but have one question: how did you run the update? Via user interface or (FTP) upload?

Any changes to the main .htaccess file (next to index.php)?

But I suspect, only the one.com support team can actually help you. They have access to the webserver log files - which we don't have.


Dear Jos,

I had the same problem last week on one.com, also with two sites running (1.19). Just a white page and no php error messages. The sites worked fine on a local WAMPP installation (all data was still there).

One.com support looked into it, but could not find any cause.

After a few days the text came back, but no CSS or images. I then restored the site and database through their back-ups, and now the site is running again.

Hope it helps.







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Hi Arjan,

One.com support looked into it, but could not find any cause.

Did they check the webserver logs? What did they check, anyway?

After a few days the text came back, but no CSS or images...

That's really odd. Do you have access to your .htaccess files? If the main content (text) works, but no assets (CSS, images), then it might be related to a webserver restriction regarding .htaccess content.

HI indigoxela,


Yes, they looked at the logs (HTTP 200: OK), .htaccess, settings.php, index.php, ..., but nothing. Now that I have restored it from back-up, I can't check that any more.

I just got informed by one.com support that they fixed the issue.
One of my sites is again up & running again as it was before (I did not have to do anything). But the other one is not 100% ok. At least it isn't showing a blank page anymore. It throws an error message: "Class 'Entity' not found". I still have to figure out the root cause of it.

But reading previous post(s), it looks like one.com screwed-up things. So I probably need to do a full restore myself (I don't make use of their paid backup service).


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it looks like one.com screwed-up things

To be honest, that's also my suspicion now.

"Class 'Entity' not found"...

Oops, seems like your core directory is (partly) broken. A full restore makes sense, if you still have a recent backup.

Otherwise try to upload the complete /core directory to see if that fixes it.