If anyone is interested.

I made a quick and dirty tutorial, to set up up a headless instance of backdrop.

Since i had issues with cors i ported over the CORS module from D7 (i just changed he *.info file).

Because using the jdrupal.js Javascript library, 

it is compatible to use the existing drupalgap/cordova stuff from D7 to build hybrid mobile Apps.

Instructions are here:

<<<<Outdated link has been removed>>>>

Hope you enjoy... 




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Hey  👋

I accidentally bumped into this old post, and noticed that the link you've provided points to a seemingly test installation of Backdrop, and perhaps abandoned(?). There's just heaps of spammy content/comments.

Do you have a direct link to that article you mention? Is it OK to remove the link from your post? (having in mind the safety of others that may click the link). ...perhaps move the article directly here as a comment? ..or if you are interested, perhaps we can provide you with access to write it as a blog post in the official blog post listing at https://backdropcms.org/news

Either way, thanks for testing Backdrop, and for taking the time to post here 🙏


Yes its outdated you can certainly deleted it.


The link has been removed.