Hello all,

Sorry if this question is stupid (maybe i'm too tired...).

Is it possible to add a video to a post ? A new field ? And in ckeditor ?

Again i'm really sorry if this is a stupid question.

Thanks for your help.



Not a stupid question at all.  There are a couple of modules that do this:





Depending on your need.

If you are only embedding from YouTube, I would use the youtube module as the videos are responsive to the page width; I know video_embed_field can embed both Youtube and Vimeo but videos are not responsive.



I tried video_filter but there is no ckeditor button ans i can't add a video field.

Oembed add a ckeditor button but only for youtube.


What i want to do is uploading my video.


Interesting. So the videos will be hosted on your server?

I think, but I'm no expert at this, that you will need a player application or to use a file such as webm that play in modern browsers.

I did a bit of experimenting with it a while back but can't find where I did it.

One option for embedding within content is to use Paragraphs.  You could have a paragraph type, including heading, video file and caption or anything else if needed. Uploading shouldn't be an issue, you can configure a file field and allow video file types. You could then use the template to create an HTML5 wrapper for the video file.

I haven't tried this so it may not work quite as I've said.

I think it is unlikely that you'll be able to embed with CKeditor in the near future.

The most common way of adding a video to a website is to upload it to a service like Youtube for Vimeo and then use one of the modules that Martin mentioned.

Here are some tutorial videos that might help in such a situation:

I'm not sure the easiest way to upload a video directly to your Backdrop site and then use it as I've not done that recently. I would start by Googling 

"How to add a video to my Drupal 7 site" and see if I can find some good instructions. Mostly likely anything you find for Drupal 7 will also work for Backdrop. If it does not work, you might have another more specific question to answer here.

Thanks for all your answers.

I was really tired i think... :-)

Well just add a file field and then in the display tab just choose video as format.

And I tried videojs module : a cool one.


Thanks again for your help.