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Hi, lately my site has many user registration from the spammer email domain (* even with Captcha enabled, i look for their IP and all of them are from Germany and Netherland, i blocked those countries with "Register Country module" but they continue registering from another IP with the same domain

is there any option for ban that specific domain from register in the site?


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Hi Rogelio,

to my knowledge there's currently no module that provides this sort of functionality.

And I don't think Rules would do this.

We all know, captchas have their limitations.

Have you tried one of the following modules yet?

If none work for you, it may be time to port or create additional spam prevention modules for Backdrop.

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indigoxela, thanks for the suggestions

for the momment i have a Rule´s configuration for automatically block any user who register under that domain

  • Event: After saving new user account
  • Condition: Text comparison, account:mail contains this domain
  • Action: Block the user

it works but i will try those modules