Alternative Title = "Some additional help understanding the Path field on layouts"

I need help understanding what the appropriate path would be for a view or for many views. In this case, I put the path of the specific view into the path field, which works fine. 

However, now I'm not sure what to do if I would like to create one layout that I use for several different views. I could use visibility rules to indicate several different paths to different views, but what would the appropriate path be in this case?

Accepted answer

If I understand your question correctly, I believe this module will help

Layout Wildcard


Thanks @argiepiano - I have tried Layout Wildcard and it does seem to meet my needs. 

Basically, it provides an additional field where you can add additional paths for a single layout. 

I assumed that I was missing some opportunity to do this in Backdrop core, but this module seems to be there specifically to address this use case.

It does not create a default layout for views, but it at least allows me to use one layout for many views.