A Drupal friend just asked me the following, does anyone have any advice?

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One of the big changes between Drupal 6 and 7 (those aren’t typos) was the handling of the “Read more” links. Drupal 6 was sort of smart and only created them when a teaser was being displayed AND the full version had additional data. Drupal 7 always created them because multiple fields on a content type might need them. Along came the Read More Control module to solve this problem.

Does Backdrop have this functionality somewhere that I haven’t discovered yet?

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I found this issue in Github issue queue: https://github.com/backdrop/backdrop-issues/issues/2656 "Views/Teaser format: Read more link."


Not sure if this is helpful, but I use the Smart Trim module which, among other things, let's you add a read more link (or not).