So for date, Views, token, ctools, admin menu, etc, as I'm preparing my D7 site for conversion, do I disable these modules? Seems like some are standalone core modules in Backdrop and some are not. I don't see any documentation on how to handle these.


And when I connect that D7 database with the Backdrop site, do I go straight to update.php, or do I need to visit the module list page so it knows what stuff is where?


Also, noticed in settings.php that the database spec seems to go back to the D5 (or was that there in D6 too?) string instead of the array that D7 uses, right? Backdrop's settings file does not remind me how to replace those fields, though it seems intuitive, but that might be a thing to add to the settings.php comments.


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Regarding modules, I'm only guessing:

  • Disable Admin menu (at least when it's not customized), its functionality will be replaced by the Backdrop Admin bar.
  • Leave Date and Views enabled, as they hold important information needed during the upgrade.
  • I'm not sure what to do with CTools and Token. I guess leaving CTools might be necessary for the upgrade process, because Views in D7 doesn't work without CTools. Or even Token, because some tokens might be in use for URL aliases, and they shouldn't get lost before the upgrade.

I agree that the documentation ( isn't very clear on such questions.

Regarding connecting the D7 database with the Backdrop site, I'm quite sure you can go directly to update.php.