I built a page display views that has a filter to list selected pages, and is displayed to users logued via an iframe embedded in a "normal" page. The problem is that two bars of the admin menu appear: one on the "normal" page and one on the inserted iframe page. How can I hide and / or delete the admin menu bar of this page (generated by views and inserted in the iframe)?

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Hi muche,

odd... Can you provide a little more info about how you create that url / view content?

Maybe then someone comes with an idea how to prevent that duplication.

Thanks for your reply indigoxela. Actually what I need is to have an image library with search option. I maintain some magazines and news websites in drupal and wordpress that need to search the image archive to include in articles. My intention is to migrate these websites to backdrop, but this platform does not have that attribute: search for images in its archive. I know that @laryn is working a lot in this regard (see here https://github.com/backdrop/backdrop-issues/issues/3293 and here https://github.com/backdrop/backdrop-issues/issues/3297) and even I (elmuche) have made some contribution to the issues 3293. But a good ending has not yet been reached. My workaround has been to use an iframe from the view that generates the image file. Everything seems to work fine, except that in the page (image_library) embedded in the iframe the menu bar appears duplicated. And I still haven't found a solution. I know the module has the admin_bar_suppress () function, but I don't know how I can call it from a views page.