I'm wondering how integrations work with Backdrop.  Is it the case, that it is possible to integrate with backdrop without any additional module in backdrop?  The reason I think this might be the case is searching in the install modules page for civicrm comes back with modules that extend the integration but no base integration module.

I have a particular use case in mind, that of the open source Meeting Room Booking System (MRBS). I've used MRBS (https://mrbs.sourceforge.io/) a few times over the years. I'm currently implementing a gym booking system using it linked to the parent Joomla site. Many moons ago, MRBS had a Drupal module that allowed it to share logins (https://www.drupal.org/project/mrbs), but this was shut down as it was a security risk.

Currently, MRBS has the ability to authenticate using Joomla or Wordpress (amongst other methods). I think it could be a useful feather in Backdrop's cap if we could get an integration for authentication, and ideally email addresses/Display names.

I can't work out exactly how the Joomla integration works - all I did was created some roles in the main site, a link to the MRBS site and set the config to use Joomla authentication and recognise those role IDs and point to the Joomla base path.

I'm wondering if a Backdrop integration would be similar, mainly implemented in MRBS, but maybe some roles added?  Is there a specific API that civiCRM uses to get the authentication from backdrop?  Where could I look for this?

I think this could potentially be wider.  If we can make it easy for other systems to integrate with Backdrop we create a stronger incentive for organisations to move.

My particular use cases I'm thinking of for MRBS is churches who nearly always need to have a way of booking resources.  When the Drupal integration went, I had to switch to using the native db authentication with php sessions.  However, when I started with this gym booking system on the Joomla site, it started me thinking that I would really like to get MRBS linking to Backdrop.

I tried to start a conversation on Zulip but it got no replies and dropped from the horizon.  I thought by re-posting on the forum, it gives chance for a longer conversation and for any information to be available for longer.


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Hi yorkshirepudding,

when it comes to authentication, I'd assume that you need some sort of "bridging code" - usually a module.

This has to happen in a clean and proper way to prevent security breaches.

If you find a (supported!) D7 module that provides what you need, it might be worth porting. Writing from scratch is probably too much effort - unless someone really needs it.

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If it doesn't have to be MRBS - you might be able to do a booking service with Backdrop modules.

I never heard of MRBS and, of course, never used it. It seems to me, it isn't widely used. Maybe you find an alternative, that's easier to integrate (with a larger community).