how to move from Wordpress (woocommerce plugin) to Backdrop keeping all data?

p.s. thanks for answers


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Do we know what kind of data Woocommerce stores, and how that matches up with Ubercart?

In general, it's straightforward to move Wordpress "page" and "story" content into Backdrop, though I'd love to see it automated more.

If you can get it *out* of Wordpress, we can get it into Backdrop.

Feeds Importer is your friend, along with the associated Tamper module. I am currently using these to import large CSVs from someone else's CakePHP project.  The process:

  • Export the database from them, import into your own MySQL/MariaDB playground.
  • Analyse the table relationships, ids, etc. so that you understand how the old system worked. You'll need to do that. Last time I touched Wordpress it used a lot of serialised data which is painful, but not impossible to use, and may require you running a php function over it to deserialise, and put into a usable form.
  • Export again, from the PHPMyadmin to Opendocument Spreadsheets.
  • Clean up the data within the spreadsheets, fix field data that's wrong for importing (eg in my current project there are id numbers used for types of ethnicity, rather than alphanumeric like "Asian".) VLOOKUP is very helpful in Libreoffice Calc for doing this.
  • Backup your current site database.
  • Use Feeds to import the data from the spreadsheets. It takes some time to fully understand what it does and how, but it's worth it, particularly if you need multiple imports.
  • Check your own data in the website for patency.