I've started recording some videos and doing demos. I'd love to be able to start with some sample starter content. What is the BEST way to quickly import dummy content into a new site. The options that I am aware of are:

1) An install profile

2) A custom module that creates some nodes. 

3) Port the Node Export module from Drupal

4) Feeds module (I just thought of that)

5) Devel Generate - (part of devel module). I'd like some content that looks better than this.  

Does anyone have any opinions on what works best for them, or other options I have not thought about?


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Devel generate is definitely the fastest way to get content. It integrates nicely with all node types and fields you've created on your site, and I *think* it's configurable to use different text than lorem ipsum (though I haven't tried that).

The worst part about devel generate is the images. I'd love to see those replaced with place-kittens, or something similar.

I have a similar need -- I built a site for a small local group and created content types, vocabs, fields, etc. to their specifications. Now there are other small local groups that do similar work in other areas and I'd love to be able to take what I did earlier, trim it down to one sample entry for each content type, vocab term, etc. and then take a snapshot that could be provided in a simple way to these other groups and installed/configured out of the box with a little sample content in place. (The "recipes" conversation is of interest to me for this type of usage).

More directly to your question, I haven't used these Drupal modules but they may be of interest and potentially could be ported:


Just an update to this discussion. Quite a bit of progress has been made on Recipes for Backdrop CMS, many of which contain sample content. If testing a theme or doing a demo, some recipes are quick ways to add content. 

This link should display a list of recent recipes: https://backdropcms.org/modules?s=Recipes

There is also the Sample Animal Content module, which create an animal content type and populates about a dozen nodes with descriptions, photos, and tags. https://backdropcms.org/project/sample_animal_content

You can watch a recent demo/discussion about recipes for BackdropCMS here: https://youtube.com/live/AGe7uN5rSKM?feature=share