I want to translate the next version (at this time it will be 1.12 with scheduled release date January 15th, 2019) into Spanish.


I have seen  https://localize.backdropcms.org/translate/languages/es/translate?projec... (I just created an account at  localize.backdropcms.org that is pending approval by the site administrator) but I can check which text strings will be in the next 1.12 version as "Automatic self-update" or "This website has the ability to update itself, but the file system permissions must be set properly" are not available as text strings to be translated.


In addition the installer must be modified to use backdropcms-*.es.po instead of (as it currently does) use drupal-7*.es.po. As a suggestion, I propose that in order to facilitate the first steps for newbies, it would be great if the translation files (or a selection of the most used / downloaded ones) were included in the downloaded backdrop-*.zip and not have to in the middle of the installation download the translation file following instructions in another language (English) and then move it to a certain path which additionaly does not exist by default (.files exists but not ./files/translations directory) - it is not complicated to download and move the translation file or create this folder but these small details are mini-handicaps.


Additionally, I offer to translate into Spanish at least the website homepage, backdropcms.org/requirements, backdropcms.org/installation and backdropcms.org/upgrade, it should not be complicated to add a drop-down menu as language selector in the upper right corner of the web or similar function. But I would need to know where I get the text to translate and how to upload the translations later (I guess it will not directly get the html of the pages, translate it and then send it to some mail that you indicate me, although if this is the method just tell me then to which mail to send it).


Thank you very much!



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Hi @Alexis, as far as I know, text strings of an upcoming Backdrop release are not translatable, unless you install the development version of Backdrop and translate the new text strings there, e.g. using the User interface translation page (admin/config/regional/translate). Once the 1.12 release is published and you have a site with this version running, you will equally be able to translate the new strings on your site.

If you want to reuse translations on multiple sites, there are potentially two approaches: Use the translation server, or reuse your own translations. To do the latter, you can export the language file of the site with the newest translations using the page admin/config/regional/translate/export and import the file on other sites using the page admin/config/regional/translate/import.

Unfortunately, the translation server (https://localize.backdropcms.org) is still under construction and not yet ready for use: There are no translation files of current Backdrop releases available, and it's also not possible to suggest translations so far. If you're interested to know more details, see the roadmap on https://github.com/backdrop-ops/localization/issues/5. I hope we'll make some progress there in the next few months.