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This has been is a very long ongoing problem for me. See this post.

My website has Weather Station and Weather Satellite related Images updating (upoaded by rsync), some very 5  mins or so. I have written some modules to keep them up to date because this does not happen reliably on a normal page. In fact it does not even update correctly on a static page I have inserted into my site which should update automatically.

To show the problem I have included some screenshots below.

A combination of Backdrop and Chrome Based Browser (I use Brave but Falcon also the same) means that any images updated on the site are not updated in the Browser. This goes for images from the website File Browser when editing a page as well as those inserted in a page, be it a Backdrop page or even a Static page on the Backdrop site. I have turned off caching on my site. I have even tried clearing all caches in Backdrop but no change. I have not use the 'size' setting when importing an image to avoid renaming problems.

Here is a screenshot when browsing the server when I try and insert an image into a page on my site. You can see the image is dated 2024-03-28 10:32 but it is displaying the image dated 2024-03-18 16:02 which is the one inserted into the page.

Now for the same in Firefox where the displayed image has the same DateTime as shown on the server:


The page below is a static page on my Backdrop Site which should update automatically. You can see the date and time of the page at the top, but the graph is dated 18th March, which is 10 days ago!

Now we have the same page seen in Firefox which is behaving as expected.

A Static page on a static site behaves normally in Chrome Based and Firefox Browsers. I have not included an image to prove it in order to save space.

Another interesting problem is that an image from my site, displayed on another site, is not updated in a Chrome Based Browser, but it is in Firefox and I think MS Edge too (I am a linux user so not tested) An example of this can be found here.

This site displays Weather Satellite Signal Reception from users, all over Europe, receiving these images using the EumetCAST system from Eumetsat. Mine which is "Mizen Peninsula" is not updated when viewed in a Chrome Based Browser, but it is in Firefox.

Here is the bit of that page viewed in Brave which you can see is dated incorrectly, similar to the image as above:

And the same bit of the page when viewed in Firefox which is dated correctly:

What is it about the combination of Backdrop and Chrome Based Browsers that causes this problem. Clearly a caching problem, but is it to do with Backdrop or the Chrome Engine?