I use a lot o tif formatted files and have changed my graphics tool set from GD to Image Majak.  However I can not sucessfully add a tif file to ant content.  I am informed that the tif format can not be up loaded. I can only upload png, jpeg, gif files.


I have set the image/tiff mime type but it is not being honored.  I presume it's something I not doing ,but I have tried everything I can think of.  Any suggestions? 

I get the same behavior of modifying an existing site and on a new fresh site.


Hi Bill

go to /admin/structure/file-types/settings on your website and add the extension into the list.

I think I did the same for SVG files.


Well I tried it and and no luck.  The program seems to accept he file type but wont allow me to upload it.  I configured the type as:



In the mime type box.  I assume you can define multiple mime types under image?


I also set tif in the list of overall file types and te specific content  related ones.  I've deleted and reinstalled te content type also to no avail.


I note that the image majac page dose not seem to like the path I put in for convert. A2Hosting says /bin/convert but when I save he forn It allways reverts to convert.   The enable image manic check box is cleared  if set.

This is all very confusing to me.

Just wondering if tiff/tif is a bit like jpeg/jpg and you have to add both spellings in the relevant places?

I have GD on my hosting so it could be the imagemagick which is the difference.  So not sure if I can recreate your issues.  Sorry