I am investigating the possibility of upgrading from D7 to backdrop and ran through the upgrade report. Prior to upgrade I cloned my webserver and fixed almost all of the issues highlighted in the "Backdrop upgrade overview" report and was happy to see that there was only a single module on the report that said "Port to Backdrop". All the rest suggested there was a version already ported by saying for example, "Leave enabled. Before upgrade: Add the stable contrib version of Caption Filter to Backdrop."

Unfortunately, once I had finished fixing the other issues and finally downloaded backdrop and started adding modules I found that almost %50 of the ones it said to add do not appear to exist on the Backdrop Modules or GitHub sites.

Is this a bug in the upgrade report or is there another location I should be looking?

Since the script checks (I assume) these locations anyway, would it be possible to add links to each of the contrib versions it finds into the report to make it super easy to find them?


I assume you are using the module "Backdrop Upgrade Status" for your D7 site? I would suggest you post this in both, the D7 issue queue and in the Backdrop github issue queue for that module. 

Thanks, I have cross posted to the D7 issue queue.

They don't appear to use the github issue queue for this project, which I guess is a good idea from a project standpoint, though I personally do prefer github's issue tracking.

There are a large number of open atrium (and god how I wish I had never installed that garbage however many years ago) modules which it says are available, I somehow doubt these were absorbed into core?

The initial report saying they were available was, unfortunately, my major decider into trying this migration. OA appears impossible to upgrade to Drupal 8/9/10 without millions of hours of dev work so I had been very hopeful this would be a viable option.