One major area on todays web site building is performance. Anything that could be achived out-of-the box on the performace area would be great. The old cache schema inherited from Drupal 7 is good but new elements could be integrated as some "static pages cache" a la Boost, or some "BigPipe" Facebook's approach that has been adopted on Drupal 8.

On the other hand providing automatic AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) pages would provide an innovative approach and wonderfull ranking on Google. A more adaptative aproach could be auto-detecting the client platform and having the capability to unset block or even complete layouts depending on the final platform.

This areas of competence may be complex and tricky, I whish the Backdrop CMS team could find simple approaches to offer a great performance without difficult configuration offering all users with high speed rankings.


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Back in 2016, we opened to consider Big Pipe for inclusion in Backdrop core.

The decision was to first port the module to contrib, and if performance gain was proven to be consistent and considerable, then include it in core at a later point.

Not sure why the module was not ported (I imagine code complexity, because it is a D8 module - and not a D7 one), but I think that porting it would be the first step.

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About AMP.

IMHO, Accelerated Mobile Pages not seems as "innovative approach" in 2020.
Too many problematic questions over years, for example: Kill Google AMP before it kills the web.

As a contrib module - maybe, but no more than.

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Though the community agreed that this topic is important, the PMC has not chosen it as one of the first official Backdrop initiatives. Only two proposals have been selected, so more are likely to be added in the future. Please keep this topic in mind for the next proposal process, which will be shortly after 1.17 is released.