I was just creating an issue to suggest that we think about providing some kind of opt-in for updates on specific Backdrop CMS contrib projects - https://github.com/backdrop-ops/backdropcms.org/issues/663. While creating this ticket, it occurred to me that my purpose/goals was to provide better tools for contrib project maintainers to get feedback from users, solicit help from users, and build a small community around their specific project. 

My idea in the above github issue is only one possible way of accomplishing that goal. I could imagine a Backdrop CMS initiative that starts with the broad goal of increasing the level of contribution in the Backdrop contrib space and support project maintainers. This initiative could look at the issues that contrib project maintainers are dealing with and create a list of things that we could be doing as a community to support them. These ideas might be:  

  • CODE: Changes to core to better support development of contrib projects
  • INFRASTRUCTURE: Additional infrastructure tools
  • COMMUNICATIONS: Ways of connecting contrib project maintainers with their users / getting feedback and support
  • MARKETING/PROMOTION: Better promoting the available contrib projects, under the assumption that contrib maintainers are more motivated when they see their work being used and appreciated. 

An initiative could work to identify the needs and suggest solutions. The initiative might stop after it's made suggestions or it might continue to work on implementation. 

The argument for this initiative would be the importance of attracting and retaining contrib developers under the assumption that a healthy contrib space is vital for the the long term health of Backdrop CMS.


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Though the community agreed that this topic is important, the PMC has not chosen it as one of the first official Backdrop initiatives. Only two proposals have been selected, so more are likely to be added in the future. Please keep this topic in mind for the next proposal process, which will be shortly after 1.17 is released.