A huge selling point for a CMS is the documentation available. Backdrop has some pretty good documentation, but I have the feeling that we have not been keeping it current or fleshing it out very well. Creation of documentation seems to have stagnated somewhat. Also, for someone as involved in the community, even I am a bit confused about the process for improving, editing, or adding to the documentation. 

I think that we could benefit from an initiative focused on making it easier to add to and update documentation and making sure that we have good documentation for end users / site owners.


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Though the community agreed that this topic is important, the PMC has not chosen it as one of the first official Backdrop initiatives. Only two proposals have been selected, so more are likely to be added in the future. Please keep this topic in mind for the next proposal process, which will be shortly after 1.17 is released. 

My comments copied from chat - I'd like to contribute (as I have the time)  where there are missing or incomplete areas - like for example - the post I am planning to write on how to create blogs in Backdrop (including how to set up a blog view for blogs that mirrors what came out of the box with Drupal).  The views documentation is also kind of incomplete (mostly because the Drupal 7 documentation was pretty scanty on views - like how to do some of the more advanced stuff like filters and relationships etc.). I don't think there's really anything else.  Also layouts could really be expanded. It's an enormous improvement on D7, but there's not a lot of information on how to really take advantage of it in the documentation (LOTS in the chats when you ask, but what about people who don't ever get there?)