I'm trying to migrate a existing site to my local Lando environment. 

1) I cloned the code repo to my local environment. 
2) I ran "lando init" and configured the init file
3) I ran "lando start" without errors
4) I entered the provided path into my browser - 'http://localhost:49280'
5) The browser redirected to: 'http://localhost:49280/core/install.php' and I got a blank white screen

What are the next steps to debug this problem?

I tried "lando logs" and am not seeing anything helpful here. It is not clear to me if this would show PHP errors. I'm trying to figure out how to get php errors in Lando.


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Normally if you get redirected to the install page its because the database is empty.

Did you import your site's DB?

I had not imported a DB. I was planning on running the installer and then importing the DB with Backup and Migrate. 

I'm testing how to migrate sites with Backup and Migrate. This is not my usual process. 

The problem for me was that I was missing the settings.php file. 

I do not include settings.php in the git repo and so it was not there to build the new site. 

I did have a file called default.settings.php - but this is not a Backdrop core file, it is a template I created on my own to include some custom settings. But, Lando is looking for settings.php.