I am attempting to use the Components installation queue to install a few components.  However, I get this error at the end of installation.  This happens for any component I try to install this way.  However, when I do a manual installation, components install fine.  What permissions do I need to adjust to allow this to work properly?


  • Error installing Webform. Permissions are not set up properly.


It's probably talking about file permissions and owners. In particular here the /modules, /themes and /layouts folders. I'm guessing the web server can't write to those folders. Either the permissions need to be changed or ensure the web server user is part of the group that owns those folders/files.


It's a complicated topic so I'll point you to Drupal 7 links which are same as Backdrop https://drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/373/what-are-the-recommended-...

I've configured the permissions per the recommendations on that link.  However, the issue is still appearing.  Is there a definitive guide to the permission settings required for Backdrop CMS?  

This is the closest I found (from the "Installation Instructions" page in the user guide):

  • Set the permissions/ownership on the files directory

    The files directory in the Backdrop root must be writable by the webserver.

    If the user who logs into the server (either by ftp or ssh) is myuser and the webserver user is www-data then sensible ownership and permissions for the files directory could be:

    drwxrwx--- 13 myuser www-data 442B Nov 5 18:38 files

    You can achieve this configuration either in your FTP client or on the command line with commands like this: 

    chown -R myuser:www-data files && chmod -R 770 files

    Note: you may need sudo depending on the access of the user who owns the directory.

My quick search didn't find it but I think there is somewhere.

(sigh) same issue here, fresh install in 2023...

There was an error while installing Utility CSS. Permissions are not set up properly.


apache has write permissions on /files /modules /themes - what more does it need??