Views are being cached, seemingly by something other than Views and the core performance. I have performance caching disabled, and the Views are not set to use caching, but regardless every time I make a change to a View I have to flush all caches to see the change take effect.

Can you point me to what's doing this, and how to turn it off?


Maybe your webhost has some other caching like Varnish. It depends if you're talking about anonymous or admin users looking at the form.

I'm speaking from the perspective of a logged in admin. And from what I've seen it is only Views that do this, regular pages update normally.

Update: I think it has to do with a contributed module. I'm reviewing and will add more details.

Any more news on this?

I'm experiencing caching issues also.

Caching is all off in the Performance settings,

and I even "flush all caches" and "clear cache" 2-3 times before CSS changes appear.

I did sort it out but I forgot to record my notes here. It was a contributed module, can't remember which with certainty but I think it was Insert View, because I was trying to insert a view into a node. I ended up disabling that module and writing my own code to call up the view from a custom module.