Potential new user here, and I'm trying to get Backdrop installed on a Virtual Box VM running Ubuntu 18 server.

I've followed the steps on https://api.backdropcms.org/advanced-installation

… but I'm actually stymied by drush dlb backdrop --path="my-backdrop", which returns:

sudo drush dlb backdrop --path="/var/www/backdrop"

sudo: drush: command not found

…in spite of following the linked drush installation instructions. Near as I can tell, it's not working at all, and I lack the technical capacity to trouble shoot this. Is there a problem with the Advanced Installation page?

Let's say I give up on drush for installation and use wget to get it downloaded. Is this issue a bellwether for future issues? I'd like a smoothly running site so I can translate this to a production site further down the line, and the VM serves as a guide for getting things to work.

I prefer drush because it's relatively straightforward (and hoo boy composer has some serious issues). But it's proven really handy for security updates for our existing site (Drupal 7). 

(I should also probably ask about the possibility of getting Backdrop to support the ShUrly (https://www.drupal.org/project/shurly —sorry, the forum link function seems broken here) and shorten (https://www.drupal.org/project/shorten)  modules, since we rely on short urls to track clicks on our content.)

Any help is appreciated.


Also, were you guys aware that your forum preview doesn't work? 

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Hello @cubelight.

At the risk of stating the obvious, did you clear Drush's cache after going through the instructions?

drush cc drush

I notice it's not a step in the instructions, and the command does work for me, so maybe that's what is missing for you.


My installation is different, so this might not be right for you, but all my commands are in ~/.drush not ~/.drush/commands. So you might take a look in ~/.drush and ~/.drush/commands to see which directory any other commands are in (if you have any) and make sure the backdrop commands directory is at the same level.


If you still can't get Drush working, wget or curl will both get you the same files.


Also, as you may have noticed in reading about Drush, what we currently have for Backdrop is not nearly as feature rich as for Drupal, so you may find many commands you use are not currently available.