I'm not sure I will need to do this but maybe.

I was wondering if it was possible to choose a layout when creating a post?
for example, once I create a post with a column on the left, another time on the right, etc. And I choose for each ticket.
I know I can create different types of content and assign a layout to them but there is less flexibility that way.




Hi Dominique

You can use Field Visibility Condition to determine whether a layout is used or not. For example, I often use this where I have some pages with a sidebar and some without. I create a boolean field on the node types I want to do it on and call it "Disable sidebar".

I then have a layout that reacts to it.

You could extend this further by having a select box and then having multiple layouts that react to each of those conditions.

Oh cool !

I didn't know this module. I'm going to try it.


Extremely useful  idea and module. Thank you! This may have many other flexible applications in administering website's content and design.