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To more effectively make use of our weekly meetings, I'm going to start posting the agendas early here to the Forum.

Our weekly meetings happen every Thursday at 9pm GMT (2pm PT for myself). These meetings are open to everyone to join and discuss issues on which they may be stuck or need to solicit opinions. It's also a good place to ask questions about priorities and features, or to raise attention to critical bugs.

Please add items directly to the agenda, or post a comment here for things to discuss and one of the meeting organizers will add it to the agenda.

Agenda document: https://bit.ly/3qqYVmU



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A suggestion for next week's agenda: discuss solutions for a contrib breaker.

Issue 5110: Function system_image_toolkit_settings_submit() prevents nested form arrays from saving properly

Summary: the way the code changed in that function (compared to D7) breaks the Imagemagick module, which has been ported recently. The call of element_children() basically discards all nested form items like fieldset content.

The related issue in the contrib queue is imagemagick/issues/6

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Another suggestion is no core code issue, but an infrastructure issue (https://backdropcms.org/modules)

Issue 799: The "Recommended releases" block doesn't appear on the pages of some/many  projects although it should

Summary: It's still completely unclear, what's going on. It's not even possible to figure out, for which modules (by which logic) this fails. But it fails - and seemingly after flushing all caches fails differently.

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Thanks @indigoxela! I've added both items. Though looks like we've already got pretty good responses to both the items raised, it won't hurt to mention them.