This month we would like to talk about ways that users can personalize and make their site look beautiful without CSS or custom themes. We'll focus on things that you can do with Backdrop CMS out of the box and also touch upon some contrib themes and modules that are useful for the same purpose. 

We'll take a sneak peak at the new flexible layouts feature that we hope to see in the next version of Backdrop CMS. 

AND: Let's do a show and tell. If you have something that you have been working on and would be willing or interested to share a quick 5 minute demo/lightning talk, let us know. Post your ideas here or contact Tim @stpaultim.

Topic: Beautify your Backdrop CMS site without code Date: July 16th Time: Find the time in your time zone

This virtual user group meeting will happen in Google Hangouts and will be recorded. We encourage you to login to the chat and participate in the discussion. 

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QUICK NOTE: This topic came about, mostly because I'm really excited to talk about it. I've been exploring all the things you can do to effect the look and feel of your Backdrop CMS site through the user interface and I'd like to share what I've been learning. 

Also, because I have ideas on how to make this better and am looking for feedback. If people have suggestions or questions that they would like to see talked about, post them here.